If there are four adults in a room, chances are one of them has varicose veins of some degree in their legs.

Indeed, Varicose Veins affect nearly a fourth of the world population, and nearly every fourth patient with varicose veins has significant symptoms or signs.

But here is the sad part. Most often, varicose veins are considered to be a problem of only poor cosmetic appearance. “They don’t look good.” The reality is that, ” It’s not about the looks alone.”

Varicose Veins are a disease. A disease of blood circulation of the legs leading to cramps, leg swelling, eczema, dark pigmentation of the skin, leg ulcers, vein clot formation and vein rupture and bleeding.

Varicose Veins tend to be given not due importance. ” It runs in our family.” . The result : They are ‘Under-Diagnosed’ and hence ‘Under-Treated’, and they account for untold suffering and complications. And a compromised life.

Learn more about varicose veins, and protect your legs for life.