Covid-19 has made safe consultations and  surgeries a top priority for us. And doing your initial consultations without having to visit our clinics – is our top priority.

In order reach to patients across the borders  , we have commenced a simplistic eConsult – An Online Consultation facility. In an era of mobile telephony, videochat and the like ; medicine without borders is a dream  come true.

The steps needed for an ‘e-consult’ are very simple and consist of a series of WhatsApp chats on 91- 7744880022

STEP 1 :

Write the patient’s Name and Age.

The  present complaints : Varicose Veins / Pain in the Legs on Walking / Non-Healing Leg Wounds / Swelling or Redness of Legs.

Write any personal / family history of Diabetes / Hypertension / Bronchial Asthma /Allergy to any Medicines

STEP 2 :

Attach photographs of the local problem – varicose or spider veins, bluish toes or fingers, etc.

STEP 3 :

Attach photograph of present prescription, doctor referral letter, reports of laboratory investigations, xrays, colour doppler, CT / MRI reports.

We will guide you regarding your interim medicines,  your appointment visit to the Clinic and follow-up treatments.