Mr.Edward Gonsalves

I was informed by many of my friends who had a great experience with Dr. Irineu Pereira at Good Shepherd Health Care.

I had left leg varicose vein issue so called the Good Shepherd Health Care and I was given a appointment soon by the Dr. Pereira. Appointment was scheduled very professionally by Dr. through whatapp – with all the required information and address to the clinic.

I had my turn and Dr. Pereira checked my leg varicose issue and guided me explaining the causes and treatments. Dr. Pereira is very knowledgeable and experienced as a Vascular Surgeon. I was very happy and asked to treat me the best way to fix my varicose issue. Soon the date was schedule for Endovenous Laser Ablation. Surgery was done in the morning at 6am and soon within an hour I was asked to walk. I felt very good and was overwhelmed that i could walk after the surgery.

One special experience : Just ,prior to the surgery Dr. Pereira asked me about my favorite song, and I replied “God will make a way” by Don Moen. I was surprised that Dr. played that song for me prior the commencement of the surgery. He really created a great smile on my face and I was much more relaxed.

I strongly suggest Dr. Irineu Pereira at Good Shepherd Health Care, Panjim.

Mr.Edward Gonsalves

Mr. Shripad Fadte

My uncle referred me to Dr. Pereira .

When I met the doctor for the first time, I found him very cool and calm and with smiling face. After checking he advised me to do the laser treatment.  It was magical experience that I did not know when the operation was carried out and I started walking with in half an hour. The staff of the clinic was very good and supportive. Thank you doctor for the support and everything.

Mr.Shripad Fadte

Dr. Mahendra Kudchadkar

I have come across many professional colleagues in my practice but Dr.Irineu has stood apart as a very talented surgeon in his field.

Immaculate in actions and deeds, he has excellent clinical acumen and sound surgical judgement to complement his surgical skills. This has translated in consistent good results in his patients treatment outcomes.

Besides being popular with his patients, he is also widely respected in his own fraternity and his professional opinion has been sought in many difficult cases.

His professional integrity is beyond doubt.I am always confident to refer my patients to him.

Dr. Mahendra Kudchadkar

Dr Raghav Gadgil

I was referred to Doctor Pereira by my friend.

Google search results popped up phone numbers which I dialled and contacted for further information. I was welcomed by a voice that suggested us to take further appointment for my mother in law.

The whole experience was reassuring, and he attended to all my in laws endless queries patiently. Doctor has a personality that is very morally pleasing and strengthening for the patient. The procedure on varicose veins was carried out in Campal Clinic,and its support staff is also duly appreciated. As outlined by the doctor, the pain in the legs subsided within 24 hours after surgical procedure.

I would recommend to everyone to avail the treatment.

Dr.Raghav Gadgil

Mr. Savio De Souza, Mumbai

I am a businessman based in Mumbai with work going on in Goa as well. On one such occasion I was in Goa on work when I suddenly developed a pain in my chest.

On consulting with my Doctor friend in Mumbai, I was asked to admit myself into a hospital immediately. My unnerved wife wanted to shift me to Mumbai as she didn’t think I was in safe hands in Goa and if it weren’t for my precarious condition, she would have probably shifted me to Mumbai.

It was then that I happened to be treated by Dr. Pereira. He personally took it upon himself to not only treat me of my condition, but he also helped change our scepticism about doctors in Goa so much to that I not only gained back my health but I’d also like to think that I gained a good friend in him.

Mr. Savio De Souza Mumbai

Mr. Norman Barros, Margao

Dr.Irineu made my major lung surgery look simple and straight-forward by his confidence , expertise and personal touch. Following my surgery, Dr.Irineu took care of me just like my Dad with endless love and affection, but in his typical “No-Nonsense approach”.

Dr.Irineu’s humour , positive attitude and personal care is worth much more than any medicine to me, and relieves half of my complaints. Even when he is just at the other end of the telephone !

I thank God for having put me under the care of such a wonderful human being , who also happens to be a very good doctor.

Mr. Norman Barros, Margao

Mrs.Rohini Desai, Goa, India

Best doctor.

I was suffering from Varicose Vien issue since past 15 years with extreme pain in both legs 24×7. After starting my treatment with Dr Irineu Pereira, the pain subsided considerably in a very short span of time. I developed a trust and confidence in the doctor when he advised me to undergo laser surgery , I readily agreed. Underwent surgery which was a painless affair.

Dr Irineu not only treats the disease but also makes the patient comfortable which helps to develop trust in him. He is the best not only as a doctor but as a human being.

I highly recommend.

Mrs.Rohini Desai

Mr. Selvio Fernandes, Panjim

To testify Dr. Irineu A. Pereira’s qualities of head, heart and hand is a challenging task.

Suffice it to say that he embodies the qualities of two iconic personalities involved in Medicine and Health Care, viz Hippocrates and Florence Nightingale. Additionally Dr. Irineu is honest, righteous, compassionate and charitable to a font.

It may be mentioned that Dr. Irineu has super specialized as a Chest and Vascular surgeon by his own choice and design, and the respect and regard with which he is held by his peers is evidence enough of the impact he has made in his profession.

He looks at his patients as one of his own, and finally his patients laugh out their past sufferings, in the presence of regained assurance of a comfortable health.

I wish Dr. Irineu, every success in his personal and professional endeavours.

Mr. Selvio Fernandes Panjim

Allan Davies Valencia,Spain

I had undergone an aorto-bifemoral bypass in Uk 10 years back and now I had these blocks in both my thigh arteries making me cramp on even walking a couple of yards. The costs of a bypass for both my leg arteries was beyond my means here in Europe, so also was a possible requirement for blood. My heart function of 25% also did not help matters.
This is when I got to know of Dr.Irineu in Goa and I had a bypass on my legs staged over 48 hours in Goa. No blood requirement, no complication whatsoever and a decent bill to foot.
God bless you.

Allan Davies Valencia,Spain

Mrs. Nelly Trindade, Porvorim

I have high regard for the utmost dedication of Dr.Irineu towards his patients welfare.

His warm nature and simplicity has a comforting effect on his patients during out-patient consultations.

His regular hospital visits give the in-patients a sense of security and he ensures any complaint is given priority and promptly resolved.

I thank him for the care during my surgery and wish him all the very best .

Mrs. Nelly Trindade Porvorim

Mr.Shawn Tippaya

Great experience – From the time I contacted Dr. Irineu Pereira for my Varicose Veins treatment, he answered all my queries in professional and friendly manner and ensured that all my queries were replied in timely manner. He explained me well about my varicose veins condition and gave me my treatment options.

I had my Varicose Veins treatment done on 13th August 2021, again it was so professionally handled by Dr. Irineu Pereira and the staff were professional too. The painless treatment was completed efficiently within 30 minutes, Doctor visited me in the room few minutes after the treatment, made me seat and walk. He explained me about my post treatment information. Really felt so amazed to receive such a wonderful, hassle free service and real value for money.

I highly recommend Good Shepherd Health Care, Panjim, Goa and Dr. Irineu Pereira. He is an excellent and and BEST Vascular Surgeon in the state of Goa.

Mr.Shawn Tippaya

Mrs. Rosy D’Cruz

I had a very nice experience at Good Shepherd Healthcare. Dr Irineu Pereira is a very kind-hearted, experienced and understanding doctor.

After l got to know about the doctor from a friend, l took an appointment where Dr answered all my queries and cleared all my doubts. And within 2 days my laser surgery was done. By the Grace of God and Mother Mary and Dr Irineu’s expertise and care, the procedure was successful. The process of recovery was a speedy one too. So l would like to recommend Dr. Irineu to all those l know and who have the varicose veins problem as he is a best doctor. Thanks a lot Dr. God bless you.

Mrs.Rosy D’Cruz

Mr. Bernard Costa

I have come to know Dr. Irineu not only as very dedicated doctor with excellent professional skills and ethics but more as a compassionate, calm, reassuring and genuinely concerned human being who will study the case thoroughly and then advises and treats the patients with astute expertise.

I pray the Almighty to give him the courage and strength he needs. I wish him the best always to carry on his noble mission.

Mr. Bernard Costa