Dr.Irineu A.Pereira is a Consultant Cardiovascular, Endovascular and Chest Surgeon.

He brings to his practice, nearly 20-odd years of practice in Chest, Artery and Vein Diseases while consulting nearly hundred thousand patients and performing surgeries in nearly 8000-odd patients.

He specialises in  treatments for chest, arterial and vein diseases, with a special interest in the following sub-speciality areas:

  1. Minimal Access and Endoscopic Chest Surgery 
  2. Endovenous Laser & Hybrid Procedures for Varicose Veins,
  3. Arterial Bypass and Aneurysm Repairs specially Limb-Saving Extra-Anatomical Bypass
  4. Arteriovenous Access Procedures for Hemodialysis in Chronic Kidney Disease
  5. Patient Experience and Cost-Leadership Management in Healthcare. 

Qualifications & Experience:

Dr.Irineu did his MBBS in Goa and then acquired his speciality degree in General Surgery from the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi while doing surgical residency at Medical trust hospital, Cochin, Kerala.

He then super-specialised in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at JIPMER, Pondicherry and capped it with a Diplomate of the National Board, New Delhi, in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery.

Dr.Irineu also holds an MBA in Healthcare Management with a focus on Patient Experience and Cost-Leadership Management Strategies. He leads Signum Vitalis ( www.signumvitalis.org ) through his office in Mangalore servicing Hospitals in Karnataka and Kerala.

He is more than a Sunday Chef. His coffee table cookbook on Goan Cuisine with a health twist is under publication.

The Mentors:

He has been mentored by the best teachers of his speciality : Dr.T.M.Joseph, Dr.K.S.V.K.Subba Rao, Dr.A.B.Shetty, Dr.K.S.Neelakandhan, and most importantly, his patients .

Dr.Irineu  can be reached directly on his email : dr.irineu.pereira@gmail.com