A visit to a hospital and a hospital stsy itself , tends to make patients and their accompanying family uncomfortable. Covid-19 has added to the level of discomfort.

In an era where Covid-phobia is adding to the anxiety level of the sick needed treatment for their non-Covid diseases, it’s very important that hospital stays and treatments thensrlvrs are more simpler, shorter and more affordable. More affordable as the economy has also taken a beating from Covid-19.

We have always ensured that procedures were ‘safe, short and simple’ by employing newer technologies and techniques. And Varicose⊆ Veins treatments have benefited the most from these innovations.

Laser Procedures, Local Anesthesia – amongst others ; have ensured that patients have been on their feet barely half an hour aftet the procedures, and have been able to be at home in the evening.

When a patient calls for an appointment,  he or she is guided well rnough – on the call itself, such that when they arrive at the clinic ; they already have a confirmed diagnosis and are explained the treatment plan. The aim is to avoid unnecessary and avoidable repeated travel and OPD visits.

All procedures generally take a maximum of 30 – 45 minutes in the operation theatre, are done under local anesthesia under monitored anesthesia care employing requisite Covid-19 protocols.

We have ensured that the additional costs of Covid-19 precautions are not transferred to the patients and have ensured an all-inclusive package of Rs.50,000/- for one-leg ,and Rs.70,000/- for both-legs procedures.

All procedures employ the Biolitec Laser Equipment and 1470nm Radial Laser Fibre technology.

Covid – 19 or not, Bleeding, Clotting, …., amongst other complications of Varicose Veins; need to be avoided. It’s not only a ‘Cosmetic’ problem, but can produce significant life-threatening complications.

Choose Wisely ; Live Healthy.