Hi ! It’s a great day ! As always !

As a practicing doctor, I know that I have leveraged my time, effort and money well this morning and completed my scheduled two surgeries. I now have the time needed to type out this short message for you – while I get ready for the first of my three  mentoring video calls of the day.

The 80/20 rule was the brainchild of Vilfredo Pareto. In 1896, he devised it to suggest real estate holdings in Italy but it’s a principle which I truly believe can definitely be applied to any practice – including medical practice.

A doctor does not need to work the long hours, the long days, the long years  – all his or her life.

It’s time healthcare professionals optimize their life – inside and outside of healthcare, and lead delightful personal and professional lives. It’s something I am passionate about doing every moment.

A delighted doctor will always delight his or her patients. And a delighted patient will  always keep you, your family and your finance manager happy !


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