We offer honest, transparent and ‘All-Inclusive’ Walk-In ; Walk-Out Packages for all procedures and surgeries at our associate hospitals in Margao, Panaji and Mapusa.

Treatment package costs vary with the type of procedure necessary and the type of hospital stay category i.e. General Ward, Private Room and Deluxe Room.

For a generalization, most major surgeries are packaged approximately Rs.35,000 – Rs. 50,000/–  in the General Ward with increments of 25% for the each of the next higher level; while Supra-Major Packages vary between Rs.75,000 – Rs.90,000.

Procedures for AV Access for Hemodialysis in Chronic Kidney Disease vary from Rs.Rs.15,000  Rs.20,000/-; while Surgical Prcedures for Varicose Veins vary between Rs.35,000 – Rs.45,000 and Endovenous Laser / Hybrid Procedures for Varicose Veins vary from Rs.55,000 (one limb) –  Rs.75,000 (both lower limbs).

These are all-inclusive costs including professional fees, hospital charges, materials, medications. Nothing in fine print, nothing hidden. That’s a commitment. A promise.

The above are maximum approximates. The Packages are discounted in certain deserving cases and for senior citizens ;  as a part of our social obligations.

Email at dr.irineu.pereira@gmail.com for clarifications and advice.