Dr.Irineu has always believed in ‘Keeping it Safe and Simple’ – The KISS Approach.

All practices, procedures, and packages are designed and follow the ‘KISS Approach’.

This has meant that his patients have spent less time, energy and money in having their treatments.

On the Healthcare Management front – with his signature ‘Consultant Mentoring Program for Healthcare Professionals’ ; it has ensured that the doctors, nurses and allied staff have got more than their dues – and the hospitals have done equally great as well.

Covid-19 has presently challenged everyone – patients, providers and promoters of hospitals ; and helping them all – save money and earn it, has been a greatly enjoyable challenge.

25-odd years, and knowledge and experience, bestowed by a 1,00,000 – odd patients, Dr.Irineu  and his team has been led us to use minimal pathological and radiological investigations, minimal medications , minimal hospitalisation to ensure a really safe and speedy recovery of our patients.

The knowledge has also been very useful in understanding the needs, expectations and aspirations of healthcare professionals and allied staff ; and guiding them in achieving greater joys in their professional and personal lives.