•  We believe and concentrate our procedures employing “The KISS Approach” – Keeping it Safe and Simple.
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Our 20-odd years of knowledge and experience has led us to use minimal pathological and radiological investigations, minimal medications , minimal hospitalisation to ensure a really safe and speedy recovery of our patients.

Our minimally invasive procedures are also minimally invasive to your daily life. 

With us at Good Shepherd Healthcare ; surgical incisions are smaller or are replaced by needle-punctures (percutanous treatments), so that your discomfort and pain – if at all, is minimal.

As a matter of fact, fewer tests, smaller or ‘no’ incisions, and fewer medications ; ensure that you spend less time and money in an associate hospital.

Day-Care or Short-Stay Surgery is our forte with our emphasis on endovascular and endoscopic procedures for chest, artery and vein diseases.

We are sincerely committed to the ethical, evidence-based and honest practice  of  medical sciences. 

Special Interests :

  1. Chest Endoscopy and Endoscopic Chest Surgery
  2. Minimally-Invasive Chest Surgery
  3. Peripheral Artery Bypass and Aneurysm Surgery
  4. Varicose Vein Radial Laser and Hybrid Procedures
  5. AV Access Procedures for the Kidney Failure patient on Hemodialysis
  6. Chest and Vascular Trauma.