Jamila Bi, 62, is a relieved woman. A giant sized “hydatid cyst” with thousands of worm eggs from her right lung has been delivered. A startling size and rare condition in India, the Ponda-based Jamila, a housewife, might have been living in this condition since her teens.

The fact of the matter was that this lady had been suffering from repeated attacks of breathlessness. She was being treated as a case of Bronchial Asthma for many years. However, this time around Рprobably the large size of the Hydatid, compressed on her right lung too significantly  within the chest cavity to render it not to be of any function.

Her condition was complicated by the fear of a rupture of the cyst and its resultant bad anaphylactic reaction and high death rate. Also she was detected to be a case of alarge Thyroid Swelling with Thyrotoxicosis. She was urgently stabilised and taken up for semi-elective surgery.l

Jamila underwent an uncomplicated three-hour surgery and was discharged from the hospital on the 5th post-operative day.