This is definitely going to be the most important blogpost of mine for a long, long time. A post long overdue in an era where money and material wealth rules and everything else is taken for granted. Religious and Ethical teachings, Family Relationships ; are but a few examples of areas we give secondary importance in this world of material and physical instant though temporary satisfaction and gratification.

Man can never be God ! Bhagwan, Allah, Lord, or any other name you may name Him. This saying has come up time and again in discussions regarding “Euthanasia”. However, it has not come in routine discussions regarding “Abortions”, the way it should have come even under the guise of “Medical Termination of Pregnancy” or some cover it up under the procedure named “ Dilatation and Currettage” or D&C in short. Or for that matter in the Instant Contraceptive Pill.

Man can never claim the credit for the healing, he is only an instrument in the process of ultimate healing. Take the case of a patient undergoing surgery in India. Let alone the surgical team, an entire army of the patient’s family and friends would have recited a wide array of prayers and novenas for a safe recovery. In my practice, there are innumerable occasions when a High-Risk patient does remarkably well against all odds. I can only whisper a word of thanksgiving to The Almighty in whose hands I have placed my practice all the time.

I consider it as a blessing from the heavens that the last five years, I have had only two patient deaths post-procedure in what are generally complicated high-risk set of patients in nearly 2000 surgical operations. And these two deaths were from generally unrelated causes.

There was this case of a diabetic patient  due to undergo a major lung resection for Aspergilloma Lung –  a fungal ball in the lung as a result of a complicated pulmonary tuberculosis. Everything was set for surgery the following morning when at midnight I was woken up by a call from the son of the patient who told me that his uncle had said that according to the patient’s ‘KUNDLI’, if he was operated upon the following day he would die. I had no option but to cancel the case and discharge the patient with the advice to return when the KUNDLI suggested to do so.

The following week, the patient had a bout of hemoptysis – coughing of blood, and they came back to me to get him admitted and operated. I joked about the KUNDLI not predicting the bout of hemoptysis, had him admitted and undergo what was an extremely uneventful surgery and post-operative recovery. At discharge, I told him, “ You cancelled the surgery the first time due to the dictates of your KUNDLI; I operated you the second time because of the strength of my KUNDLI.

I’m joking. I do not believe this KUNDLI or any Astrologer business.“The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want” is my favourite quote from the Holy Bible. Ethical, Evidence-Based Medicine is my mantra treating each and every patient as one of my own family. This post is the answer to all who wanted to privately know the mantra of getting ahead without falling prey to the unethical practices rampant today. Why such a public answer ? The answer is that My Master deserves it !